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This homepage features few small prototype applications written on my spare time. Each application is presented with a screencast tutorial, that is recorded from desktop and combined with some voice-overs. Sorry for my english :)
Some of these ideas make more sence than others. Most of them were written just for fun of it.
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Bug Tracker

Utility for managing MS Word documents, storing feature requests, tracking bugs etc. Similar to Bugzilla, but not so 80's. See the following video for more info.
Technology: Microsoft.Office.Interop, C#
First proto in: 2.5 hours
Download: zip

"GWT" for C++

Compiler of C++ code into Javascript code. Similar to GWT framework for Java, but for C++. Demonstrated with a simple implementation of asteroids game, Without the support of templates/generics, inheritance, nor dynamic polymorphism. What this approach gives us is two choices: execute C++ program in browser without slow download, or download as .exe and execute in 3d-accelerated desktop environment.
Technology: C++, Javascript, C#, global functions and variables,
First proto in: 1 week
Execute: in browser, as .exe

Timeline Whiteboard

Multi-user communication software aiming to especially improve cross-teams communication. Similar to multi-user chatrooms, but more managable and not so time consuming.
Technology: javascript, DOM
First proto in: 6 hours

Fast Sync

Utility for syncronizing files and folders. Similar to RSync and WinMerge, but faster.
Technology: C#
First proto in: 5 hours

C# "Rebel"

Utility for simplying software deployment. Makes it possible to modify code of a running application. Similar to JRebel, but for C#.
Technology: System.Reflection.Emit, C#, Managed C++, JIT injection, C# method instrumentation
First proto in: 2 days

C++ "Rebel"

Utility for optimizing compilation time. Allows making changes to your desktop-application in run-time by switching between windows with Alt+1 (similar to Alt+Tab). Similar to JRebel, but for C++.
Technology: C++, Full program state serialization

Template Manager

Utility for creating "smart" document templates (.dot files) containing personal information of all emploees. Similar to using normal document temlates, but with more options.
Technology: VBA, Word macros
First proto in: 3 days

Game Prototype

Small game project based on DirectX. Similar to any 3D racing game, where cars jump and have gears looking wheels. :)
Technology: Open Dynamics Engine, DirectX, DirectSound, Tcp-ip sockets, std, C++
First proto in: 2 weeks
Download: zip
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